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Monday, October 1, 2012

Stylish and au Naturale? Bridgeville, PA Salon Fits the Bill

As American women, we often get the short end of the mascara wand when it comes to beauty.

We're bombarded with images of "ideal" women enhanced by time-consuming, expensive and not-so-healthy beauty regimes, but simultaneously we are warned of the cancer-causing and hormone-altering molecules in nearly every beauty product that might elevate all of us to bombshell status.

"Where's the middle ground?" the little voice in our heads might scream.

Newly-remodeled in turquoise and black and celebrating their fifth year in business, Hair 2 Sole Beauty Studio in Bridgeville meets the south-of-Pittsburgh woman right where she is.

With the perfect mixture of traditional beauty services provided with low-toxin and organic products, the mascara wand just got longer.

"We're local, but we're not that stuffy salon where you can't have fun," said salon owner Alana Gibbs, who’s a Chartiers Valley High School graduate

And, it's affordable. While the term "organic" can sometimes imply a devastating price tag, Hair 2 Sole’s prices allow us all to become low-toxin beauties, with women's haircuts starting at $20 and basic facials starting at $35.

While Hair 2 Sole offers services that even the most extreme of earth-lovin'-mothers might seek, Gibbs has created a very accessible atmosphere for the Bridgeville salon. No incense; no PETA advertisements. What you will find, however, are bottles of olive oil, bags of sugar and fresh-ground strawberries--all ingredients for the salon's specialty facials. 

"A lot of the things that are so great for you internally are also great for you externally," says Hair 2 Sole aesthetician and strawberry-grinder, Carrie Sullivan. 

It isn't all fun and games for this civic-minded staff of seven, however. Aside from their environmentally conscious products, the beauty mavens at Hair 2 Sole just spent their fourth year volunteering at Camp Raising Spirits, a retreat for adult cancer patients held each June in Laurelville.

"They do a lot of things to help us out and provide us with their expertise in foot and leg massage,” said Sandra Lee Schafer, Camp Raising Spirits core committee co-chair and H2S open house attendee. “They have the gift to be able to approach people correctly.”

Okay, okay. So they're all-around do-gooders, but what about the quality of these products?

It's definitely time to rid ourselves of the "if it burns, it means it's working" mentality; Hair 2 Sole lacquers nails with Zoya, a non-carcinogenic, low-odor, safe-for-pregnant-women nail polish that’s made in Ohio and usually lasts 7-10 days. At only $8 per bottle, you might consider taking one home with you at the end of your $14 manicure.

That's right, only $14.

And, the hair color is no different. L'Oreal Professional-made Inoa hair color uses an oil delivery system instead of the usual ammonia, which not only pampers your locks but also seals in more of the color.

"Even after the second or third shampoo no color washed out,” said H2S client Randi Kania. “My hair wasn't dry after. I barely need to condition it. It's really nice.”

So, whether you're mainstream and fabulous or a kale-eating queen, Hair 2 Sole on Hickman Street in Bridgeville brings you beauty services conscious of your body, community and wallet.

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