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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Campbell's Soup Goes Pop...Again

In maybe the ultimate example of life imitating art--particularly pop art which toys with the relationship between fame, advertising and high art--Campbell's Soup's limited edition Andy Warhol soup cans reach the shelves of Target today for an accessible $0.75. 

The trichromatic (baby blue, red, mustard; cobalt, grass green, yellow, etc.) cans seek to celebrate The Factory founder's "32 Campebell's Soup Cans" art exhibit which is celebrating the big 5-0. 

That's right: This is the anniversary of an ART EXHIBIT celebrated at Target. Not the birth of some celebrity bambino; Not the latest in an endless line of a vampire series. We're celebrating pioneering visual art here, people! 

Apparently, Campbell's Soup hasn't been blowing up Wall Street in recent years…shot in the arm to the business…new line of soup in pouches didn't do well… If you're interested in the business angle, this isn't your blog. 

But, if you're here to art ogle, here you go! Get your Pinterest buttons a-ready!

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