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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Who the Hell Kales? Part I: Kale Chips

Ladies and Gents, 

This is the first in a three-part kale series entitled, "Who the Hell Kales?"

As a ravenous reader of health news and a self-proclaimed down-to-earth foodie, I've been beaten over the head with the advantages of kale, the superhero of superfoods. 

While I have never consumed even one little ruffle on the edge of a kale leaf, I am an equal-opportunity lover of all things green. Everything. Except okra. (Sorry, soul foodies.)

Here it goes, Part I: Kale Chips. 

I've been marinating on this adventure in kale for a few weeks now, and last night--which was, conveniently, Big Farmer's Market Night on route 50--I felt green, leafy and brave. 

Armed with my reusable Trader Joe's bags and an agenda, I searched for the market's best kale deal: $2.00 for a giant, head-banging bundle. 

As an experiment, I asked the lady farmer (larmer?) how she thought I might prepare it since I was a kale virgin. Immediately, she responded, "kale chips." Apparently, she had burnt her first attempt, so I was urged to watch their progress carefully. Another market shopper chimed in and seconded the kale chip love. 

Okay, sold. Kale chips it is. 

I came home, rinsed leaves and took a pretty picture…

After some DIY-goddessing (spray painting outdoor furniture aqua), I took to tearing some kale. 

The technique my fellow kale-purchaser taught me was to tear away front the large center vein, creating chip-sized pieces. I tossed the leaves in canola oil…I'm low on olive oil, okay? Don't judge…and added a little garlic powder, salt and pepper. I spread the leaves across a cookie sheet and baked at 350 for 10 minutes.

And, perfection: not burned but still crispy. 

Big taste test: winner! 

They taste a bit like brussel sprouts with an entirely different texture. They are extremely light and delicate, so storage should be in a hard container, not a bag--how eco-friendly, huh? I wouldn't expect to bounce onto my couch with a bag full of kale chips and an IC Light during the next Steeler game (Sunday night!); although, I've created and consumed far stranger combinations than that. 

Abby tested, Coonhound approved. Yes, our Coonhound, Jerry, is on the kale train--not shocking given his previous affection for edamame, chai tea (accidental taste test there) and Kashi crackers. 

Next time, I can probably go with slightly less oil, since little puddles of canola laid shimmering beneath my chips, but it was a solid--or, light and crispy--first try. Dee-lish!

Next up: Sauteed kale.

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